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A 6.8 richter scale Earthquake from Sikkim

Posted by Kuber Sodari on September 18, 2011 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (2)

[email protected] September-18

Most recent Earthquake in Nepal

Earthquake of 6.8 Richter scale was taken place in Border of Nepal and Sikkim which was felt in many parts of Nepal, India and China too on sunday evening at 6:40 p.m. 

According to, the epicenter of the quake was at the eastern Nepal bordering along with India at Sikkim . Nepal is situated on the border between two huge tectonic plates that have moved together over millions of years to form the Himalayas, geologists say.

The quake lasted over a mintue in the Capital. However, the exact duration of the quake has yet to be verified. The earthquake was supposed to be originated from 20.7 km deep down the earth crust. Normally, earthquake couldn't harm to much in the parts of western and central part of nepal and india but damaged some lifes and residences at eastern parts around the places of Sikkim. The earthquake was felt in Kathmandu valley as well but it was not that violent. The people of India in the western part like Delhi and Rajas-than too felt the shaken of earth. Mainly the earthquake was felt hard in the Sikkim and himalayas part of Nepal in east.

But the bad news is that at least five persons have died-- two from Dharan and three from the Capital. Initial reports confirmed, three persons have died and one injured when the wall of British Embassy in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, collapsed due to the quake.

*************************************************************************************************************************************  A heartfelt condolence to them, wish their soul would rest in peace in heaven. May god bless them and their families to overcome the death of their relatives.        ************************************************************************************************************************************

This was the most powerful quake to rock Nepal in 78 years. The last major earthquake to hit Nepal struck to the east of the capital in 1934. It measured 8.4 on the Richter scale and killed more than 8,500 people in Nepal and neighbouring India.

Budget Release-2068/069

Posted by Kuber Sodari on July 15, 2011 at 11:37 AM Comments comments (0)

Finance Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari released the Budget Act-2068/069 today. There was a dispute on the release of Budget-2068 being on the subject matter flashed out before its announcement by the Finance minister. The Kantipur had flashed news about the release of Budget before bieng published by finance minister. So, there has been discussion during the releasing procedure of budget between the ministers and policitians held at House of Parliament-BICC, kathmandu Nepal.

             If you want to get the Budget Release with you click the link bellow.   :)

     Budget release_Arthik-2068

संविधान सभाको म्याद

Posted by Kuber Sodari on May 28, 2011 at 11:09 AM Comments comments (0)

काठमाडौं, जेठ १४ ( माओवादीले शान्ति प्रक्रिया सम्बन्धमा राखेकोनयाँ प्रस्तावबारे अहिले दलहरुबीच द्विपक्षीय वार्ताहरु चलिरहेको छ।माओवादीले ७ हजार लडाकु समायोजन गर्नेलगायतका बुँदा राखेर ल्याएको योप्रस्तावबारे संविधान सभा भवन परिसरमै यस्ता वार्ता भइरहेका छन्। माओवादीको नयाँ प्रस्तावमा ५ दिनभित्र दोहोरो सुरक्षा हटाइने र एकमहिनाभित्र लडाकुको रिग्रुपिङ गर्ने बुँदा पनि उल्लेख छ। त्यसैगरी उसलेतीन महिनाभित्र शान्ति प्रक्रिया टुङ्ग्याउने प्रस्ताव पनि अघि सारेको छ।

माओवादीलेउपलब्ध गराएको यी बुँदासहितको प्रस्तावबारे अहिले द्विपक्षीय वार्ताहरुचलेका हुन। कङ्ग्रेस र एमाले, कङ्ग्रेस र माओवादी तथा एमाले र माओवादीबीचअहिले यस्ता वार्ता चलिरहेका छन्। यसैबीच यी वार्तामा एमाले स्थायी कमिटीबैठकले आजै गरेका निर्णयबारे पनि छलफल भएको बुझिएको छ।

उतादलहरुबीच संविधान सभाको म्याद थप गर्ने विषयमा सहमति हुन नसक्दा बिहान ८बजे बोलाइएको संसद अझै सुरु हुन सकेको छैन। यही कारण बिहानै संविधान सभाभवन आइपुगेका सांसदहरु विनाकाम त्यत्तिकै बस्न बाध्य छन्।